Thank you for volunteering to help relabel the library. Our goal is to have a ​uniform look so students can find appropriate reading level books quickly and easily. Accelerated Reader labels are color coded for grade levels. See the picture shows 4th grade (brown) and third grade (green) labels.

This is how the library shelves will look when the project is completed. Accelerated Reader (A.R.)  labels (if applicable) will be on the bottom of the spine, location labels will be just above. Notice the purple book is not A.R. and the location label is an inch or so from the bottom.  Doing this will insure a uniform look across the shelves and allow for A.R. labels later if the title gets added to the A.R. list.



This is the template to be used for spine labels and the inside book level infomation. Please replace the infomation in each cell with the information from your books. When the page is full, please insert a label sheet in the libary printer (upside down) and then print.


Library Relabel Template

The A.R. information will go on the inside of the book on the top right corner of the first page.



After the labels are attached, please cover with a clear Demco sticker to eliminate lost labels.


Thank you so much for your help.